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        With the adjustment of the deepening of economic globalization and the world economy, China's becoming labor intensive products manufacturing base material, and the chain is a typical product of labor, material-intensive products. At the same time due to the sustained development of the manufacturing sector of the domestic economy, expanding the scale of investment, infrastructure construction, automotive and other products also boost the chain's domestic market, which gives us the chain industry has brought unprecedented opportunities. In recent years the rapid growth of China's chain industry, especially the chain more than 20% of annual export increase rate has fully proved this fact.
        At present, China has gradually become the world's largest producer of the chain, but we must clearly recognize that there are technical innovation, product quality and grade as well as the level of equipment with the international advanced level of the whole industry chain industry is a big gap, a direct impact on the industry in the international the comprehensive competitiveness of the market. Therefore, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, we have to continue developing industry chain as the starting point, adhere to the scientific concept of development, strengthen technological innovation and new product development efforts; to improve product quality and grades; do everything possible to consolidate resources for technological innovation, improve industry equipment level; further establish brand awareness, standardize the market competition order, so that our chain industry from extensive to intensive transformation, moving toward the production of power chain.
        First, relying on technological innovation, improve product quality and grades
        In the 21st century, although the chain of production in the domestic and foreign market, boost the development of very fast, but could not get rid of the extensive development mode extension, so most of the product quality is generally low in recent years has developed a number of technical content in the industry higher new product, but the case of higher new product, but the case of rare, simply can not meet the needs of the domestic market, resulting in a large number of ordinary chain exports, while importing large quantities of high-grade chain situation, the formation of a great contrast. Such as a car engine chain as an example; in recent years, the corporate Huzhou Shuangshi Chain Transmission Co., Ltd., also developed through the efforts of a number of products and import substitution into the host facilities, but just the tip of the iceberg, most still in imports, FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Shanghai Volkswagen, Guangzhou Honda, Beijing Hyundai, most car manufacturers are still 100% of the imported products.
        Automotive engine chain not only has a huge market reality, but with the growing development of China's automobile industry and the automotive community to save the amount of the potential market is large. As further improve product quality with the price advantage of export prospects are very broad. In addition, high temperature chains, corrosion-resistant chains and many other high-tech products we need to be developed. Therefore, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period we have to rely on technological innovation, strengthen efforts to develop high-end products, the gradual adjustment of product structure to enhance our chain products in the international market competitiveness.
        Second, the integration of resources to implement horizontal cooperation, to improve the equipment level of the industry
        At present, China's chain industry in addition to multiple satellites progressive die blanking developed rapidly, but from a material restructuring to a chain assembly, the lower the prevalence level of equipment problems, although there are a few powerful enterprises to introduce a number of devices, but utterly inadequate to solve not the fundamental problem, Zhuji chain equipment plant and other enterprises have also developed a number of products, but because of lack of universal application within the industry for various reasons, so the degree of automation equipment for most enterprises is not high, low labor productivity, product accuracy is not high, part still rely on manual processes. According to sources from the industry: the production of the equipment level of the chain behind the developed countries for nearly half a century.



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