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        How to expand as soon as possible varieties, overcome technical difficulties, improve quality of economic growth into the chain drive, "the production of power," the track is worthy of further exploration and research. From the technical point of view, of chain drive product technology development prospects.
        1, to strengthen research foundation working to enhance the technological innovation capability
        In recent years, domestic and fatigue performance of the chain has done a lot of experimental studies for guiding product design and manufacturing undoubtedly played an important role.
        He also noted that the study of the distribution of the fatigue life of the chain, but limited to a variety of reasons, such work was not thorough enough and systems, and analysis of fatigue fracture, especially microscopic analysis of the fatigue fracture of far less, fatigue crack initiation fracture process, microscopic crack, macroscopic crack growth, fracture failure mechanism and dynamic picture of observation are poorly understood, fracture and failure analysis, inspection and guidance for product design and manufacturing process is a vital part. Of course, fracture analysis should not be limited to fatigue fracture slat parts should also include the roller sleeve from various parts of the small energy fatigue fracture. In fact, the domestic counterparts have begun to recognize the importance of the fatigue life analysis and fracture analysis of the law, and started research work in this area at various levels, and the establishment of a typical fatigue fracture patterns in the industry should be an important foundation work .
        Wear mechanism and failure mechanisms for creating famous brand products is crucial chain wear has always been one of the key indicators of the chain of products most important and most easily perceived. In recent years, China has started a roller chain, silent chain wear study failure mechanism, microscopic analysis of the chain of abrasive wear, fatigue wear, adhesive wear and other major wear mechanisms discussed contact fatigue crack formation, expansion and peeling dynamic process and cyclic hardening and softening cycle characteristics. As the market chain abrasion resistance and increasing demands (ε <1%), a comprehensive and systematic study of roller chains, wear characteristics sleeve chain, silent chain, and the chain of special conditions and many other products used in potential the pipeline. As an important way of technology trends, research and failure mechanism of the wear mechanism at high speed, impact, variable speed, variable load, dust, corrosion and other harsh conditions of service, and to explore the wear resistance will be a practical value key technology and innovation projects.
        The importance of the high-speed chain drive noise, the industry has long been recognized, but the corresponding research and testing has been no progress, reason, first of all there is no relevant standards and testing standards in the industry, but in order to make the chain drive noise The evaluation and testing methods, there is no solid basis for preliminary studies as a support is difficult to achieve; secondly, scientific noise testing environment and conditions also limit the conduct of this work. Currently, there are a lot of chain products, such as: automotive engine timing chain, oil pump chain, gearbox transmission chain, motorcycle engine timing chain has gradually introduced a noise evaluation, and thus boost the industry's demand for this market generation technology strategy. It should be noted, testing and research can not be limited to the instantaneous noise value chain drive system noise, but noise should be transient or steady-state information signal chain drive system for real-time spectrum analysis to study the frequency of the noise of a time dynamic characteristics, to seek the root causes of noise and noise reduction measures, which made the relevant evaluation criteria and testing standards on this basis, and this research work first roller chain drive and high-speed silent chain started by the speed of the sleeve, will be of great significance.
        In addition, the engagement of the chain drive mechanism should be carried out on the basis of practical research techniques, such as the application of high-precision mechanical transmission on the current international Hy-Vo chain and derive the Hy-Vo engagement chain, (in the same chain hanging both external contacts can be realized within the contact), Hy-Vo pin multi-pitch swing chain (there are two dimensions at the same pitch hanging chain) and other engagement principle and design method of the new chain.



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